Vol. 1 No. 3 (2018): Special Issue

Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds (IPAC) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Meets its 40th Birthday

 In September 2018, the IPC (RAS) celebrates the 40th anniversary of its foundation. The Institute approached this milestone, having a “good baggage” of experience and achievements. The IPC RAS developments have been awarded by the State Prize of the Russian Federation (RF), the RF Government Prize in the field of Science and Technology, the President's Gratitude, and numerous other awards. During the existence of the Institute many researchers received their PhD and DSci degrees, hundreds of scientific works were published and patents were granted. Continuity of professionalism, scientific ideas and traditions of the national scientific school provide good optimism for the future development of this Institute. Using the background built by the predecessors, our scientists continue to develop Russian science in the following fields:
  - search, chemical synthesis, and structure-activity relationship studies of natural and synthetic physiologically active compounds;
 - study of physiological activity of the developed compounds on biological models and animals, study of mechanisms responsible for manifestation of their physiological activity;
  - development of systems for searching and evaluating the effectiveness of the use of physiologically active compounds by means of biochemical and physico-chemical methods, and development of recommendations for their practical implementations in medicine, agriculture, and other sectors of the economy.
This issue contains papers summarizing recent results of the IPAC RAS research team on the main areas of the above mentioned research directions.

S.O. Bachurin
Director of the Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds,
Corresponding Member of RAS

Published: 2018-10-03