Dear readers!

Тhe journal Biomedical Chemistry: Research and Methods (BMCRM) opens the second volume and begins the second year of its existence. In the four issues of the last year, we published 56 articles in Russian and English. These papers written by authors from Russia, Belarus, Nigeria, the USA and France, as well as first citations in the Google Academy show that the new journal has not gone unnoticed by the scientific community.

During the first year, the journal has been registered with CrossRef [https://www.crossref.org, i.e. has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)] and in databases related to CrossRef: LENS (https://www.lens.org), Microsoft Academic (https://academic.microsoft.com), OCLS WorldCat (https: //www.worldcat.org). The journal has been also included in the Russian Science Citation Index (https://elibrary.ru/title_about.asp?id=67180).

We hope that the second year of the publication of the BMCRM will be successful, and the methodological focus of the articles published in it will be in demand among the readers.


Editor in Chief
A.E. Medvedev