Institute of Biomedical Chemistry is launching a new publishing project, an electronic open-access journal Biomedical Chemistry: Research and Methods. The English-language title and the open access format determine one of the features and tasks of the new journal: expansion of the geography of authors and readership. All illustrative material will be given both in Russian and English languages, so that potential readers which have problems with the Russian language but are interested in results analyzed in particular papers can get information about the main results of the work of interest. Another feature of the new journal, "fixed" in the title, is its focus on methodological aspects: special attention will be paid to detailed description of methods used in a particular study; this will help to reproduce methods of interest. The whole version of the published papers will be available in Russian.

We hope that the new electronic journal will be useful for scientists specializing in the problems of biomedical chemistry and related fields.

Editor in Chief
A.E. Medvedev