Carbamoylimines of Methyltrifluoropyruvate in the Diels-Alder’s Azareaction with Cyclopentadiene

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A.Yu. Aksinenko
I.P. Kalashnikova
V.B. Sokolov


Carbamoylimines of methyl trifluoropyruvate react with cyclopentadiene with to formation of trifluoromethyl-containing azabicyclo [2.2.1] heptenes and tetrahydrocyclopenta[e][1,3]oxazines. NMR experiments involving DEPT and 1H{19F} determined the structure of the synthesized heterocycles and assignment of the signals in NMR spectra and established the exo-position of the CF3-group in azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptenes.

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Aksinenko, A., Kalashnikova, I., & Sokolov, V. (2018). Carbamoylimines of Methyltrifluoropyruvate in the Diels-Alder’s Azareaction with Cyclopentadiene. Biomedical Chemistry: Research and Methods, 1(3), e00016.


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