The Sturgeon Ovarian Liquid and the Perch Roe Extract are Able to Enhance the Recovery of the Fibroblasts after their Stress-induced Premature Senescence

  • M. V. Mikhailova Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, 10 Pogodinskaya str., Moscow, 119121 Russia
  • N. F. Belyaeva Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, 10 Pogodinskaya str., Moscow, 119121 Russia
  • N. I. Kozlova Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, 10 Pogodinskaya str., Moscow, 119121 Russia
  • K. V. Zolotarev Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, 10 Pogodinskaya str., Moscow, 119121 Russia
  • A. N. Mikhailov Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, 10 Pogodinskaya str., Moscow, 119121 Russia
  • S. B. Podushka ChNIORH LLC, 10-83 Slavy prospect, St. Petersburg, 192239 Russia
Keywords: fibroblasts; premature senescence; oxidative stress; fish roe; fish ovarian liquid.


Ovarian liquid and fish roe are valuable sources of biologically active compounds. In order to study mechanisms of aging and also to search for biologically active compounds capable of inhibiting aging, we have modelled premature senescence in human embryonic fibroblasts by incubating of cells with H2O2. Cell senescence was assessed by staining for β-galactosidase (SA-β-Gal) at pH 6.0; cell proliferation was further evaluated by the optical method. The dried ovarian liquid of the Siberian sturgeon and the extract of the perch roe were able to enhance recovery of the cells after induction of their premature senescence caused by oxidative stress. In contrast to the extract from perch roe and the extracts from fish muscle, dried ovarian fluid gave such an effect without the growth of proliferation.


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